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About the site in brief

Our Hungarian site started at the end of 2007. In the beginning it functioned as a database of PC games' system requirements. However, owing to the lots of visitors, members and active users, the site grew into a community site., the English version of the Hungarian site, started in 2009. Later we set up a lite version, which now is available in 12 languages, and it can be found at and

At present and its localized versions have more than 200 000 members and 300 000 visitors per month. We achieved all this with 2 guys and 10 years of hard working.

We want to thank you for standing by us throughout the years! In the future we will continue the hard work because we want to be a useful site for the gamers where everyone has a very good time.

Content statistics

Number of games:5 670
Number of members:217 000
Number of members' devices:196 100
Number of comments:2,3 million
News, videos:15 500
Forum threads:830
Developers and publishers:3 170
Game reviews written by users:1 020
Brief reviews:2 200
Ratings:669 000
Number of won prizes:1 000
GPUs:2 340
Images uploaded:8 810
Private messages sent:360 600
Updated: 2018-08-10


MoonW: Administrator, editor
Viki: Editor

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