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About the site

About the site in brief is the English version of the Hungarian site They are community sites where all users and gamers are welcome. The sites deal with PC games, hardwares and the connection between them in other words they deal with the system requirements and their detailed analysis. started at the end of 2007 and at present there are more than 220 000 members and the site is available in 14 languages.

Content statistics

Number of games:5 294
Number of members:209 941
Number of members' devices:183 766
Number of comments:2,4 million
News, videos:13 914
Forum threads:798
Companies:2 925
Submitted game reviews:987
Brief reviews:2 063
Ratings:655 378
Number of won prizes:897
Images uploaded:8 230
Sent private messages:358 493

Visitor statistics
Users:127 000 / month
Page views:1 654 000 / month
Countries:HU, RO, SK, RS, DE
Users:126 000 / month
Page views:540 000 / month
Countries:IN, US, ID, PK, PH, UK, RS
Users:23 000 / month
Page views:91 000 / month
Countries:DE, AT, CH
Users:50 000 / month
Page views:188 000 / month
Countries:IT, FR, PL, RU, RO, CN, JP, UA, CZ
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Viki: Editor

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